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GeneCompass: The At-Home Preventative Genetic Test

What is GeneCompass and why should I order it?

GeneCompass is a patient-initiated, medical-grade genetic test that includes clinical support and is available at a competitive price point. It is the first genetic test of its kind: an affordable, holistic test for health and wellness with medical-grade accuracy.

What if I do not have a family history of genetic disease?

Data suggests that many individuals with the genetic diseases have no known family history of the condition. This can happen for a variety of reasons and is why proactive testing can be beneficial for individuals that have no family history of genetic disease. Health risks, wellness variants, and drug response information can be identified and used to inform medical care of the individual tested, as well as family members.

How are my results reported?

Results include information on the variant(s) identified, diseases associated with the variant(s), and risk level. Your overall results will include a genetic risk level: high risk, moderate risk, low risk, typical risk, and protective risk. The risk level pertains to both the severity of the disease identified and the likelihood that an individual with a variant would develop the condition.

How much does the GeneCompass test cost?

The GeneCompass test is $249 and includes 12 medical reports, 4 wellness reports, and drug response data for 200+ medications.

What is the general process of ordering the GeneCompass test?

Step 1. Online Patient Checkout: The patient orders the test online.

Step 2.  At-Home Saliva Collection: We provide an easy-to-use saliva collection kit for at-home collection. It includes prepaid return shipping to our laboratory.

Step 3. Laboratory Analysis: Our proprietary DNA sequencing test is run over a 3-4 week period.

Step 4. Online Results Transmission: Results are available online through our HIPAA compliant and secure Health Portal.

Step 5. Follow-up Genetic Counseling. Genetic Counseling is provided free to all high-risk patients through a third-party genetic counseling company, DNA Ally. Patients with all other results can receive genetic counseling at a reduced rate.

How is clinical information organized on the GeneCompass report?

GeneCompass content is organized in 17 clinical areas: 12 health risk groups, 4 wellness groups and 1 drug response group. Each clinical area is further broken down into sub-groups based on disease.  

What can I do with the information I learn on this test?

The conditions and traits analyzed on GeneCompass are selected based on having high clinical actionability so that individuals can take control of their health with this information. More information on specific genes and variants is provided in your genetic test report. Medical management can be coordinated in follow up with a genetic counselor and your personal care team. 

What specimen type is needed for testing for GeneCompass? 

2mL of saliva (about ½ a teaspoon) is required as a specimen for testing for GeneCompass.

I received an email that said my GeneCompass test sample failed to arrive at the lab within the viability window. What should I do?

When we are unable to process the specimen, either because we did not receive it or it arrived spilled, we request that you send another sample for processing. Please contact support@phosphorus.com for more information.

How can I find out the status of my GeneCompass test? 

Online results will be made available through our HIPAA compliant and secure health portal. 

How long do GeneCompass test results take?

Results will be sent in approximately 4 weeks.

Will I get a copy of my GeneCompass results?

Yes, you will receive information about how to access your results electronically. 

I can’t get into my portal, what do I do?

Please contact our customer service either via email at support@phosphorus.com or call us at 855-746-7423, if you are having trouble logging in to the portal.