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COVID-19: Payment/Insurance/Shipping

How can I pay for testing?

Phosphorus currently offers three payment options when ordering COVID-19 testing through our website: 

  • Order Using Insurance $49: We accept all major commercial insurance plans. We do not accept Medicare, Medicaid, or Tricare at this time.

  • Order Without Insurance $119

  • Join Our Research Study (receive a COVID-19 test at no cost) $0: Start by downloading our application and follow the steps.  You'll receive your at home COVID-19 test kit in the next 24-48 hours.  

Are COVID-19 tests covered by insurance?
We accept all major commercial insurance plans through our website. Medicare, medicaid and tricare are not currently accepted. We ask that patients submit an image of their insurance card with their application when ordering a test kit (.png or .jpeg) or email us a photocopy. If patients are unable to upload an image, please email an image to insurance@phosphorus.com within two weeks of placing an order.

Does Phosphorus provide financial assistance or discount codes for COVID-19 testing?

At this time, Phosphorus does not offer any special discount codes or financial assistance. 

How can I ship back my COVID-19 testing kit to the lab? All COVID-19 test kits include a FedEx Clinical Pak with a prepaid priority overnight FedEx shipping label inside. 

Can my COVID-19 test kit be shipped internationally?
Phosphorus is unable to ship kits to patients internationally and outside of the continental United States. Due to the 56 hour viability window of test samples, test samples cannot be shipped back to our lab internationally or outside of the continental United States within the necessary timeframe.

 Can I send my kit back over the weekend?

We advise that patients do not collect and send samples on Saturday and Sunday due to limited FedEx operations.