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Genetic Testing 101

What is genetic testing?

Genetic testing is a genetic assessment of your health. The testing can read the sequence of your DNA to determine if there are deviations from the expected sequence. Those deviations, also known as mutations or variants, are assessed to determine the likelihood that they are related to a genetic condition or predisposition to a disease. This information can provide you with a more accurate assessment of health risks and lead to improved health outcomes.


Should I have genetic testing done?

Genetics means a lot more than ancestry. Your genome, or collection of a person’s genetic information, can tell you if you have a predisposition to a certain disease or condition.
Many people think of genetic testing as something that is necessary if you have a family history of disease or once you’ve already shown signs of disease, but there are many conditions that can be revealed by your genes.

If you are interested in undergoing genetic testing for a specific condition or group of conditions, you may wish to speak with your provider or a genetic counselor prior to pursuing genetic testing to ensure you are selecting an appropriate test based on your personal or family history and understand the benefits and limitations of the selected test.


What differentiates Phosphorus’ genetic tests from others on the market?

Phosphorus has We have created a best-in-class, proactive, and comprehensive genetic test for the future of preventive and personalized healthcare.

We are leveraging our expertise in bioinformatics, diagnostics, and research to increase access to genomics by helping to further decrease the cost of genetic testing. In doing so, we are building a clinical genomics network that helps us gain better insights into the causes of even more human diseases. We bring to the task our powerful software and data science and are working to make our testing available to clinical partners around the world.

  • Clinical Grade - Our tests are all clinical grade, built upon expert-curated panels, powerful data analytics, a simple testing workflow, and a rigorous variant interpretation process to ensure the most accurate results for patients.
  • Ease of Use/Access - Our saliva-based testing kits are available through the mail. In a virtual world, there is no need for individuals to leave their homes to order a test, complete it, or receive results.
  • Counseling - Our tests include access to and support from genetic counselors at no cost for patients that receive a high-risk rating. We also coordinate genetic counseling for all patients who are interested at a reduced rate. Genetic counselors can help walk through test results, interpret what they mean, and assist in developing a plan for short- and long-term health to be implemented with a healthcare provider. 


    How am I billed for my Genetic testing?

    Once results are released for your genetic testing, you will receive a bill in the mail. If you have any questions regarding a bill you received, contact information for assistance can be found on the bill or reach out to our customer service team either via our support inquiry form on our website or email us at support@phosphorus.com.