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About Phosphorus: Partner With Us

How does Phosphorus partner with providers?

There are many ways we partner with providers to improve the sustainability of their practice. Our aim is to help improve outcomes for patients while elevating the standard of care, enhancing offerings, and increasing financial viability.
  • Managed Lab
  • Private Labeling
  • Outsourcing


What does the Managed Lab model look like? What type of provider could benefit from Managed Lab?

Providers use our expertise to assist them in establishing and operating an in-house laboratory for genetic testing; we can:

  • Build out the lab and support instrumentation
  • Help with staffing, training, and regulatory work
  • Provide ongoing support and quality control

A high-volume practice, group, or system with a well-known brand and reputation, and desire to capitalize on the opportunity for a new revenue stream and improve their patient experience would benefit most from the Managed Lab model.


What does the Private Labeling model look like? What type of provider could benefit from Private Labeling?

Providers use our next-generation sequencing (NGS) testing and data analytics labeled under their own brand.
A mid-volume practice, group or system with a growing brand & reputation, and a desire to enrich their service offering with genetic testing could benefit most from the White/Private Labeling model.


What does the Outsourcing model look like? What type of provider could benefit from outsourced genetic testing?

Providers can use our tests directly and let us manage the back-end data analyzing. We can help lessen the gap between third-party reference lab genetic tests for them and their patients.
A low-volume practice that does not have or need a brand identity, but with a desire to enhance their reputation with a new service offering could benefit most from the Outsourcing model.


How do I partner with Phosphorus?

If you are looking to partner with Phosphorus or have any additional questions, complete our sales team contact form on our website or reach out to us via email at support@phosphorus.com.


Should I get COVID-19 test kits for my employees?

Employee testing programs are pivotal to resume your operations. If you are interested in testing for your employees, please contact sales@phosphorus.com or complete our sales team contact form on our website. 


Why should providers consider offering genetic testing to their patients?

Phosphorus provides the back-end infrastructure for practices to efficiently integrate clinical genomics into routine care. We manage the complexities of clinical-grade testing, enabling providers to differentiate and personalize their care model, improve patient retention and satisfaction, and implement a sustainable new service line. We believe genetic testing should be a key component of patient care, as it may be beneficial regardless of the patient’s family history or current presentation of the disease.


I am locked out of my provider portal, what do I do?

For security purposes, providers will be locked out of their portal after 3 failed login attempts. If this occurs, you will receive an email to unlock your account. Your account can also be unlocked by reaching out to our support team at support@phosphorus.com.